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  1. Implementation of GIS to Palm Oil Plantation Management in Indonesia (Map Asia 2007)
    David Miller

  2. Agricultural Geo-referenced Information System – Natural Resource Atlas 2006   (Map Africa 2006)
    Dirk Craigie

  3. Development of a model for dam irrigation management based on GIS network models   (Map Asia 2006)
    Abolghasem Chehreghani, Saadi Mesgari, Mohammad Karimi, Ahmad Seyfi Mastan

  4. Studying Effective factors in selection of understory farming lands and there effects on forest stands using GIS   (Map Asia 2006)
    Rahim maleknia, M. namiranian, J.feghhi

  5. Assessing Agricultural Sustainability in Watersheds in India using Geomatics   (Map Asia 2006)
    Dr. Kausalya Ramachandran, Dr. K.L.Sharma, T. Srinivas, M. Shankar Rao, M. Gayatri & V. Bhaskar

  6. THEOS, a Tool to Support Agricultural Policy in Thailand and in Neighbouring Countries   (Map Asia 2006)
    Patrick Houdry , Dr. Darasri, Pr. Visharn, Khun Tanittha, Khun Walaiporn, Khun Charin, Asset Capitalisation Bureau

  7. Precision farming in Indian Agricultural Scenario   
    Baburao Dashrath kamble

  8. The use of GIS, GPS and aerial imagery for mapping urban agricultural activities on open space in cities   
    S. Dongus, Prof. Dr. Axel Drescher

  9. Application of Space Pictures IKONOS for Agricultural Monitoring   (Map Middle East 2005)
    Bakhtior Kurbanov

  10. Integration of RS, GIS and AHP for Hanoi Peri-Urban Agriculture Planning   (Map Asia 2004)
    Rajesh B. THAPA, Frederic BORNE, Michiro, KUSANAGI and Pham Van CU

  11. GIS Anchored Integrated Plantation Management : Tea   (Map India 2004)
    Alokesh Ghosh

  12. Precision Farming: Dreams and Realities for Indian Agriculture   (Map India 2004)
    U. K. Shanwad, V.C. Patil, H. Honne Gowda

  13. Geospatial applications in precision farming - A case study in West Bengal   (Map India 2003)
    Dilip Kumar Paul

  14. Operationalization of Precision Farming in India   (Map India 2003)
    Ashish Mishra, P Chidambara Raj and D.Balaji

  15. Remote Sensing techniques for Agriculture suvey   (Map Asia 2002)
    S. Balaselvakumar, S. Saravanan

  16. Vegetation Growth Zones using NOAA-AVHRR data: Comparison between conventional and Satellite based methods   (Map Asia 2002)
    Lal Muthuwatta

  17. Space inputs for precision agriculture: scope for proto-type experiments in the diverse Indian agro-ecosystems   (Map Asia 2002)
    Sanjay Srivastava

  18. The extraction method of surface temperature in agricultural area using Satellite Remote Sensing and GIS   (Map Asia 2002)
    Myung-Hee Jo, Hyoung-Sub Kim, Hyang-Hee Um, Joon-Bum Kim

  19. The use of GPS and mobile mapping for decision-based precision agriculture    (Asian GPS Conference 2001)
    Michael Rasher

  20. Application of GIS on small farm and dairy management: SARSA green, Durgapur, West-Bengal   (Map India 2002)
    Anit Ghose, Jayeeta Dey, Prasenjit Dwary

  21. Distribution network analysis for marketing of fertilizer in West Bengal   (Map India 2002)
    Sujit Choudhury

  22. Interactive online mapping with XML for agriculture information system at district level   (Map India 2002)
    B. Veeranna, K. Jayachandra, S. Gopi

  23. Integrated National Agricultural Resources Information System (INARIS)   (Map India 2002)
    S. D. Sharma, Randhir Singh and Anil Rai

  24. Agroclimatic zoning of Azarbayjan-Sharghi province for rainfed almond using GIS   (Map India 2002)
    Hojjat Yazdanpanah, Khalili-A, Hajam-S, Kamali-G Vezvai A

  25. Precision farming in Indian context - Role of Remote Sensing   (2001)
    S. S. Ray, S. Panigrahy and J. S. Parihar

  26. GIS-based comparative analysis of potential soil erosion in two agricultural systems: dry farming and center-pivot irrigation. A case study in Southern Portugal   (2001)
    José Rafael Marques da Silva and Luís Leopoldo Silva

  27. GIS applications in soil data analysis   (Map India 2000)
    S.S.Ramakrishnan and Prof.V.Guruswamy

  28. Use of GIS for sampling designs for agricultural surveys   (Map India 2000)
    Randhir Singh, Anil Rai and Prachi Misra

  29. Bangladesh establishes a GIS-based agricultural and Land Resources Information System

  30. Hunger Hides: Here and There   
    Alka Singhal

  31. Integration of multisensor multitemporal satellite data for agricultural vegetation mapping   (ACRS 2000)
    L. Zhu and R. Tateishi

  32. An impact analysis of shifting cultivation in the forest of northern Laos using GIS and satellite image   (ACRS 1999)
    Myung-Hee Jo, Takaaki Niren

  33. A practical model for estimating the arable land change of China using remotely sensed imagery   (ACRS 1999)
    Zhongchao Shi, Liu Haiqi, Ryousuke Shibasaki

  34. Development of a national operation system for crop and resources monitoring using Remote Sensing in China ministy of agriculture   (ACRS 1999)
    Yang Bangjie, Liu Haiqi

  35. SAR data application on land use survey   (ACRS 1999)
    Wang Changyao, Gao Yanchun, Zhang Qingyuan and Jiang Xiaoguang

  36. Analysis of advantage on Radar Remote Sensing for agricultural application   (ACRS 1999)
    Wei Zhang Tailai Yan Shucheng You

  37. Agri-Survey call for SAR   (ACRS 1999)
    Zhang Wei, Yan Tailai, You Shucheng

  38. Radar Remote Sensing for inventory and monitoring of rice crop - Indian Experience of 1990'   (ACRS 1999)
    S. Panigrahy, M. Chakraborty and J. S. PARIHAR

  39. A practical model for estimation the arable land change of China using remotely sensed imagery  (ACRS 1999)
    Zhongchao Shi, Liu Haiqi, Ryousuke Shibasaki

  40. Modeling rice growth from characteristics of reflectance spectra  (ACRS 1999)
    Chwen-Ming Yang and Muh-Rong Su

  41. Correlation of spectral reflectance to growth in rice vegetation  (ACRS 1998)
    Chwen-Ming Yang and Muh-Rong Su

  42. Paddy rice monitoring with RADARSAT-1  (ACRS 1998)
    S.Ross, B.Brisco, R.J. Brown, S.Yun, and G. Staples

  43. Combined use of SPOT and GIS data to detect rice paddies  (ACRS 1998)
    Lau, Chi-Chung Shiao, Kao-Hsing

  44. A study of a framework of integration of heterogeneous spatio-temporal data  (ACRS 1998)
    Yoshihide Sekimoto and Ryosuke Shbasaki

  45. Automatic detecting rice fields by using multitemporal satellite images, land-parcel data and domain knowledge  (ACRS 1998)
    Yi-Hsing Tseng,pai-hui hsu and Huang Chen

  46. Multi seasonal analysis of optical data for agriculture in Mt. Pinatubo area  (ACRS 1997)
    Marcelina M. Dumayac, Genya Asito, Nobuyuki Mino, Shigeo Ogawa and Ma. Arlene M.Evangelista

  47. Integrated agricultural information database for tropical forest conservation  (ACRS 1997)
    Kei Sato, Tomoyuki Suhama, Krishna Kumar Mishra and Akira ITO

  48. Temporal analysis of agricultural land use in the semi arid trophics of india using IRS data  (ACRS 1997)
    Satoshi Uchida

  49. A physical evaluation of land suitability for rice: A methodological study using GIS  (ACRS 1997)
    C. Mongkolsawat P. Thirangoon and P. Kuptawutinan

  50. Generating global NPP map for estimating agricultural productivity  (ACRS 1997)
    Atsushi Hirakoba, Ryosuke Shibasaki and Shiro Ochi

  51. Identification of non-point source pollution risk using GIS and Remote Sensing techniques  (ACRS 1997)
    N.D.K. Dayawansa

  52. Agro-Ecological zoning for south west Selangor using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information system  (ACRS 1997)
    K. F. Loh, M. Halid, N. Surip and S. A. Hashim

  53. Estimating carbon-fixation in India based on Remote Sensing data  (ACRS 1996)
    R.S. Hooda1 and D.G.Dye

  54. Utilization of statellite Remotely Sensed data as an information source for a GIS in agricultural resource management  (ACRS 1995)
    Farhad Jenabfer

  55. Simulating agricultural land use changes in Thailand  (ACRS 1995)
    K.S.Rajan, Ryosuke Shffiasaki & Masataka Takagi

  56. Identification and mapping of irrigated vegetation using NDVI-climatological modeling  (ACRS 1995)
    Ramesh S. Hooda and Dennis G. Dye

  57. GIS based model for agro-ecological zoning: A case study of Chitwan District, Nepal  (ACRS 1994)
    Madan P. Pariyar, Gajendra Singh

  58. Agricultural applications of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System in land-use and land suitability mapping  (ACRS 1994)
    Madan P. Pariyar, Gajendra Singh

  59. Effect of time of data acquisition on crop identification in north eastern India using NOAA -AVHRR data  (ACRS 1994)
    S. Panigarhy S.S. Sharma and J.S. Parihar

Power Point Presentations
  1. Corelation between oil content and DN values    
    Abdul Rashid Mohamed Shariff

  2. Crop information and remote sensing data archive system   (ACRS -1999)
    Genya Saito

  3. ADRO review: commercial oportunities   (ACRS -1999)
    Gordon Staples

  4. Agricultural monitoring with RADARSAT-1   (ACRS -1999)
    Gordon Staples

  5. Results - UK crop monitoring   (ACRS -1999)

  6. Agricultural monitoring with RADARSAT-1   (ACRS -1999)
    Richmond, B. C.

  7. Rice mapping and crop growth monitoring using SAR data in Guangdong Province, China   (ACRS -1999)
    Mike Wooding and Prof. Li Zengyuan

  8. Radar Remote Sensing for inventory and monitoring of rice crop   (ACRS -1999)
    J. S. Parihar

  9. Rice growth monitoring by RADARSAT data in Korea   (ACRS -1999)
    Suk Young Hong, Sang Kyu Rim, Sang Hoon Hong

Abstracts only
  1. Spatial Technologies to Establish Framework of Illicit Crop Monitoring in Afghanistan    (Map World Forum 2007)
    Dr. Shirish Ravan ,Hakan Demirbuken

  2. Evaluating Regional Land Use Cover Trend with Biophysical Settings: A Remote Sensing and GIS integrated Approach    (Map World Forum 2007)
    R.N. Sahoo, S. Pandey,S. Arekhi,R.K. Tomar,P.Chandna

  3. Reliable Remote Sensing – Test Case –A Comparison with Supply Chain-Mandis/Millers   (Map World Forum 2007)
    Siva Subramanian ,Dinesh Kar,Rajiv Ranjan

  4. Determination of Range Suitability Using GIS Technique(Case Study: Sub-Basin of Haraz)    (Map asia 2006)
    Dr. Karim Soleimani ,Arash kakolarimi ,Reza Tamartash,S. Ramazan Mousavi,Sasan Amini

  5. Monitoring Vegetation Changes with NDVI Trends for Effective Response to Food Insecurity    (Map asia 2006)
    Sushil Pradhan

  6. Potential Assessment of Annual Medic Cultivation and Extension in Iran by GIS Technique    (Map asia 2006)
    A. Ariapour,A. Torknezhad ,H.R. Mehrabi , F. Amiri

  7. Study on variation of nitrogen uptake efficiency in local landraces of wheat in Mahabad   (Map Middle East 2005)
    Dr. Khoshnoud Alizadeh Dizaj, J. Ghaderi

  8. GIS modeling for best sites for agricultural development in south Eastern Desert, Egypt   (Map Asia 2003)
    M. N. Hegazy, B. El Leithy, A. Helmy, M. Kafatos

  9. Potentials of Geodatainfrastructures for Agriculture   (Map Asia 2003)
    Olaf Nölle

  10. Remote Sensing and GIS as an Information Technology for Air Quality Status Planning   (Map Asia 2003)
    Er. V.K. Gupta, Dr. I.C. Agrawal, Dr. R.D. Gupta

  11. Optimizing the Correlation between percentage of the Oil Content in palm oil fruit lets and Digital Number of Images System   (Map Asia 2003)
    Saad A. Abbas, Abdul Rashid Shariff, Halim Shah, Thomas Choong, Fakhrul-Razi Ahmadun

  12. Precision Farming: A ray of hope for Sustainable Agriculture   (Map India 2003)

  13. Precision Agricultural-Landscape Modeling System    ( Map India 2003 )
    Norman, John M., Molling, Christine C., Vonderohe, Alan P., Manchikanti, Kiran

  14. Natural resource characterization through total information content using multispectral Remote Sensing satellite data   
    R. N. Sahoo and M. Bhavanarayana

  15. Operationalization of Precision Farming in India   (Map India 2003)
    Ashish Mishra,P Chidambara Raj,D.Balaji