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Earthqauke Disaster Management in China

Tang Aiping
Associate Professor, Ph.d
E–mail: tangap@hit.edu.cn

Wen Aihua
Senior Engineer, Master
E–mail: wenah@hit.edu.cn

Tao Xiaxin
Professor, Ph.d
E–mail: taoxx@public.hr.hl.cn

School of Civil Engineering
Harbin Institute of Technology
No. 202, Haihe Road , Nanggang District
Harbin Heilongjiang Province
Telephone: 86-451-6282-204, Fax: 86-451-6282-704

1 Introducation
China is one of the countries suffering from the most severe natural hazards all over the world. Although some great progress have been gained in natural hazard mitigation, the natural disasters bring on big economic loss, in average, natural disasters lead to a direct economic loss of 3~6 percentage of total GDP and death of thousand people every year. China is facing a serious situation in reducing natural hazard. As a response to the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (IDNDR) that was sponsored by United Nations in 1989, the Chinese Government launched sets of great programs to mitigate and prevent the natural disasters as well as other man-made disasters. As the results from the Chinese government imbursement and guidance, by now, most of cities have taken various information measures for disaster protection and reduction.

Because of the specific geological situation, where the famous Circum-pacific active structure zone intersects the Himalayas-Mediterranean active structure zone, China has a high earthquake disaster risk and hazard. The earthquake disaster is a huge negative effect on the sustainable healthy development of this country. The government has always laid stress on making a series of measures to reduce the level of risk and hazard since 1970s. By now, the accepted abilities of earthquake risk and hazard have been greatly improved in recent years. According the statistics, all of main cities and large state enterprises have set up their own special earthquake disaster management system. Some cities which locate in high earthquake risk area almost rehearse the rescuing and rush-repairing procedure in designed earthquake every year. The anti-seismic awareness of the public is trained. To mitigate the earthquake disaster, it has been proved that the earthquake disaster management is one of the important and powerful tools.

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