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  1. Liaison of population factor, agriculture expansion and food access in forest degradation process: view from ancillary data sources
  2. (Map Asia 2009)
    Menaka Panta, Kyehyun Kim, Cholyoung Lee, Taehoon Kim

  3. Using Remote Sensing Technology for Land Cover Assessment over Desert Area of Makkah, Mina and Arafah
  4. (Map Malaysia 2009)
    M R Mustapha, M Z Mat Jafri, N Othman

  5. Land Cover Mapping Using ALOS PALSAR Data Over Penang Island, Malaysia
  6. (Map Malaysia 2009)
    C. K. Sim

  7. Evaluating Open Source GIS software for environmental planning in developing countries
  8. (Map Middle East 2007)
    Amit Jain

  9. UAE Space Reconnaissance Center as a valuable imagery resource for monitoring the environment; an investigation on sand movement
  10. (Map Middle East 2007)
    Major Ali M. Alshehhi and Ghassan A. Abdelhamid

  11. Surface Deformation Monitoring-Part of Geophsysical Reservoir Monitoring Technologies Applied in Enhance Oil Recovery (EOR) Projects
  12. (Map Middle East 2007)
    Issa AL-Quseimi

  13. Coastal Spatial Data Infrastructure (CSDI): African requirements and responses  
    Louis Celliers ,Mika Odido,Roger Longhorn,Kate Lance (Map Africa 2006)

  14. Mapping for change in Western Africa: the case of the Regional W Park (Benin, Burkina Faso, Niger)  
    Federica Burini (Map Africa 2006)

  15. Mapping and Analyzing Vegtation Types of North Andaman Islands, India  
    P.Rama Chandra Prasad, Ch. Sudhakar Reddy, G.Rajasekhar, C.B.S.Dutt

  16. Evaluating the change (1968-2001) in landscape pattern and analyzing disturbance in Baratang Forest Division (Andaman Islands), South East Asia  (
    Dr Nidhi Nagabhatla, P.S Roy, Rajendra Jagdale

  17. Role of Geospatial Technologies in Training for Sustainable Natural Resources Man-agement in Asia  (May 2006)
    Dr. Dietrich Schmidt-Vogt, Dr. Rajendra P. Shrestha

  18. Groundwater Potentiality in and around Jharia Coalfield using Geographic Information System  (May 2006)
    B. C. Sarkar, S.Mukherjee, Kalyan Saikia, B Basu Roy, P.R. Paul

  19. The study of spatial distribution of forest changes tin the northern forests of Iran (Map Asia 2003)
    M. P. Bavaghar, A. A. Darvishsefat and M. Namiranian

  20. Development of Application Software for automatic detection of changes in spatial features over space and time (Map Asia 2003)
    Vijay Sagar, R. Sivaganesavelan, G. B Sukumaran, Maheswari and Uma

  21. Recognizing the existing potentials of Iran in identification of Natural Resources for Ecological Studies with a Land Use Planning Approach (Map Asia 2003)
    Alireza Gharagozlu

  22. Spatially Distributed Hydrological Modelling considering Land-use changes using Remote Sensing and GIS (Map Asia 2003)
    Dr. Madhav Narayan Shrestha

  23. Land Use Dynamics from Multi-temporal Remotely Sensed Data: A Case Study Northern Thailand (Map Asia 2003)
    Suthinee Dontree

  24. Structure, Spatial and Temporal Dynamics and Mapping of the Southern Taiga -- Forests in Mid-Siberia (Map Asia 2003)
    E. I. Kuzmenko

  25. Remote Sensing Techniques for Land Use Mapping of Arjuna Basin, Tamil Nadu (Map Asia 2003)
    S. Balaselvakumar, K. Kumaraswamy, S. Srileka, N. Jawahar Raj

  26. AMIS: Development of a GIS/Multicriteria Corridor Planning Methodology (Map Asia 2003)
    Keiron Bailey

  27. Recognition and modeling the natural resources of Isfahan Province by using GIS and RS (Map Asia 2003)
    Mohamad Mir Mohamad Sadeghi, li Nadi

  28. Role of Expert System in Natural Resources Management (Map Asia 2003)
    Rajkishore Prasad, Dr. Ashok Kumar Sinha

  29. Application of Geoinformatics in Natural Resource Management at Micro Level(Map Asia 2003)
    Dr V Madhava Rao, Dr R R Hermon

  30. Natural Resources Base Development Plan For The Reconstruction And Rehabilitation of The War Ravaged Afghanistan
    (Map Asia 2002)

  31. Natural Resources Data Management System (NRDMS) – A suite of technologies for Local Level Planning
    (Map Asia 2002)

  32. Remote Sensing and GIS application in delineation and management of wastelands in Indira Gandhi Nahar Project (IGNP) command area (Map India 2002)

  33. Using location-allocation models for regional planning in GIS environment (Map Asia 2002)

  34. Wind energy potential in Tamil Nadu India: Prediction and mapping using GIS (Map Asia 2002)

  35. Knowledge discovery from GIS in 'Natural Resources Targeting' (Map India 2001)
    Nihar R. Sahoo, Shishir K. Mahapatra

  36. Development of a spatial database for Natural Resource Assessment and Management in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra (Map India 1999)

  37. Natural Resource Management for sustainable development using Remote Sensing technology- A case study (Map India 1999)

  38. Ensuring the integrity and validity of NRIS databases (Map India 1999)

  39. Integration of topographic digital vector data into National (Natural) Resources Information System database (Map India 1999)

  40. The study on biomass estimation in Mongolian grassland using satellite data and field measurement data
    Hirokazu Yamamoto, Koji Kajiwara, and Yoshiaki Honda (ACRS 2000)

  41. Environments transition research in Yusan national park after earthquake and typhoon (ACRS 2000)

  42. Integration of RS and GIS to assess human impact on ecosystem change in Lianos area (Venezuela) (ACRS 2000)

  43. Integrating remotely sensed data with an ecosystem model to estimate net primary productivity in East Asia (ACRS 2000)

  44. Natural-scientific approach for natural conservation using GIS (ACRS 2000)

  45. GIS application on the strategy for sustainable development in Phitsanulok province (ACRS 2000)

  46. Global inventory of human settlements derived from DMSP-OLS data  (ACRS 1997)

  47. Lower tropospheric aerosol profile obsevation by ground - based Lidar at Kmitl, Thailand (130 N, 1000e)  (ACRS 1997)

  48. Automatic detection of oceanic wave length and direction from SPOT image  (ACRS 1996)

  49. Generation of global terrestrial biomass map by integrating satellite data and carbon dynamics model  (ACRS 1996)

  50. Nakhon Ratchasima, resources atlas (ACRS 1995)
  1. Natural Disasters:Tsunami & Landslides - Occurance and Mitigation Measures   (Map World Forum 2007)
    Dr. B. Kesava Ramprasad

  2. Community Centric Approach of Geo-informatics for Disaster Risk Reduction   (Map World Forum 2007)
    Sanjay K Srivastava,VS Hegde,V Jayaraman

  3. Emergency Response Infrastructure for utilities   (Map World Forum 2007)
    Jafrullah Mohammed,Ramakrishna KP,M. Sujatha

  4. Practical Experience of Integration GIS and RDBM System (Map Asia 2006)
    Matveev P.I. ,Danilov I.D.

  5. The Use of Radar Mapping for Natural Resource Needs in Tropical Regions (Map Asia 2006)
    Skip Maselli

  6. Recognition and Modelling the Natural Resources of Esfahan Province by Using 3 System (Map Asia 2004)
    Mohamad Mir , Mohamad Sadeghi and Fatolah Ghayour Ali Nadi

  7. Potential of IKONOS Satellite Data for Tropical Forest Inventory: A Case Study in Northern ailand (Map Asia 2003)
    S. Kaojarern, Ho Dinh Duan, Hans-Jürgen Stibig

  8. Identifying Ecotourism Potential for Proposed Hill Station “Lake Town”, Pune, India (Map Asia 2003)
    A. A. Kulkarni, K. K. Das, S. P Aggarwal, Hitendra Padalia

  9. An Application of GPS and GIS in Forested Watershed (Map Asia 2003)
    Ahmad Che Abdul Salam, Abdul Rahim Nik, Siti Aisah Shamsuddin,Hamidah Mamat & Mohd Md Sahat

  10. Geographic Information System - An effective tool for Land Acquisition (Map Asia 2003)
    V. N. Shukla, Satyajit Rath, Sanjay Saxena

  11. Natural Resources Management on Watershed basis for sustainable development of Kalrayan Hills, Eastern Ghats, Tamil Nadu using Remote Sensing and GIS(Map Asia 2003)
    R. Sakthivel, M.Manivel

  12. Automatic analysis of high-resolution airborne imagery for locating eucalypt dieback in South-Eastern Australia(Map Asia 2003)
    Camille Prost, Paul Dare, Andre Zerger

  13. Model for computation of Watershed Morphologic Characteristics using GIS(Map Asia 2003)
    Harshal M Galgale, Mukund G Shinde, Ian Smout

  14. Contribution of remote sensing technology in studying morphological change of a bar–built estuary in a part of South Central coast of Viet Nam, Loc An Estuary(Map Asia 2003)
    Pham Bach Viet

  15. Land use temporal changes: a comparison using GIS analysis and statistical analysis on the impact of water quality at Langat River Basin, Malaysia(Map Asia 2003)
    Hafizan Juahir, M. Ekhwan Toriman

  16. Remote Sensing Techniques for Land Use Mapping – A Case Study of Arjuna River Basin, Tamil Nadu, India (Map Asia 2003)
    S. Balaselvakumar, K. Kumaraswamy, S. Srileka, N. Jawahar Raj

  17. Remote sensing and GIS for Land Evaluation Studies in Pavagada taluk of Tumkur district, Southern Karnataka, India(Map Asia 2003)
    Sathish, A., Prabhakar, K.S., Badrinath, M.S., Honne Gowda H

  18. National (Natural) Resources Information System (Map India 1998)

  19. Management integrated of natural resources : Indonesian experience (Map India 1998)

  20. Natural Resources Data Management System (Map India 1998)