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Ground Water Assessment
  1. Scope for Artificial Recharge in Overdeveloped Watershed GV-41, District Aurangabad, Maharastra, India Using RS - GIS Techniques
    Bhagyashri Maggirwar, Bhavana N. Umrikar

  2. Implementation of an integrated decision support system (IDSS) for water management in Souss-Massa Morocco (Map India 2008)
    Dr. Leslie Dolcine

  3. Water Shed Modelling For Kundapallam Watershed Using Remote Sensing and GIS (Map India 2008)
    P. Rajesh prasanna,Dr. M. Madan Kumar

  4. A GIS - Remote Sensing compatible rainfall-surface runoff model for regional level planning   (Map India 2003)
    Chiradeep Adhikari

  5. Proposed plan for Satluj-Ghaggar-Yamuna-Jojari-Luni-Sabarmati River link channels   (Map India 2003)
    Dr. Narpat Singh Rathore

  6. Bus stop rationalisation using GIS   (Map India 2003)
    G. Saravanan, S. Suresh Immanuel

  7. The Sediment yield potential estimation of Kashmar urban watershed using MPSIAC model in the GIS framework   (Map India 2003)
    Hadi Meamarian, Hamid Esmaeilzadeh, Seid Mohmmad Tajbakhsh

  8. Generation of curve number using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System   (Map Asia 2002)

  9. Cadastral level resources information system for Neeralipallam(kb3) Watershed in the Nilgiris district, Tamilnadu, South India using Remote Sensing, GPS and GIS   (Map Asia 2002)

  10. Water Resource Assessment and Management in Himalayan Catchments through Remote Sensing and GIS Technology   (Map Asia 2002)

  11. Identification of Suitable Sites for Water Harvesting Structures in upper Betwa Watershed through Waris An Information and Decision Support System   (Map Asia 2002)

  12. Cadastral Level Resources Information System for Kundapallam (Kd1) Watershed in the Nilgiris district using Remote Sensing, GPS and GIS   (Map India 2002)

  13. Groundwater modeling of unconfined aquifer system of crystalline area - A case study in Lapsiya watershed, Hazaribagh, India   (2001)

  14. Estimation of runoff through Remote Sensing(Map India 2000)

  15. AVSWAT- a Spatial Decision Support System for Land and water management and its application for watershed management in Bankura district of West Bengal (Map India 2000)

  16. Geomorphologic & land use planning for Danda watershed (Map India 1999)

  17. Erosion response model for watershed prioritisation in Bajaj sagar sub catchment (Map India 1999)

  18. Geographical Information System in flood management - A case study on river configuration (Map India 1999)

  19. Micro-Watershed development plans using Remote Sensing and GIS for a part of Shetrunji river basin, Bhavnagar district, Gujarat(Map India 1999)

  20. GIS as an integrating instrument for micro-watershed planning and management

  21. Use of Geographic Information System (GIS) tool in watershed hydrology and irrigation water management

  22. Vegetation mapping in Ganges river basin for global mapping project   (ACRS 2000)

  23. Land use planning to avert the migration oriented watershed degradation  (ACRS 1998)

  24. Development of 1 km drainage model based on GTOPO 30 and global data sets  (ACRS 1998)

  25. The application of Remote Sensing and Hydrological model on water conservation capacity estimation for reservior watershed area  (ACRS 1998)

  26. Subwatershed prioritization for watershed management using Remote Sensing and GIS  (ACRS 1997)

  27. Pergau Reservoir Information System (PRIS) for mapping and sedimentaion studies: A study on the development of the reservoir database  (ACRS 1997)

  28. Watershed prioritization for soil conservation planning with Mos-1 messr data, gis applications and socio- economic information  (ACRS 1997)

  29. Use of satellite data to estimate areal evapotranspiration from a tropical watershed  (ACRS 1997)

  30. Remote Sensing and GIS technologies for denudation estimation in a Siwalik Watershed of Nepal  (ACRS 1996)

  31. Runoff analysis in south east Asia using DEM and Remote Sensing data (ACRS 1994)

  32. Recession of Dead Sea through the satellite images (ACRS 1994)
Abstract Only
  1. Application of GIS and Remote Sensing for Watershed development project - A case study(Map Asia 2003)
    G S Chattopadhyay, Sujit Choudhury

  2. Role of Remote Sensing and GIS in identifying artificial recharge zones of upper Kodavanar River Basin, Tamil Nadu(Map India 1999)
    T. Vasanthakumaran, Shyamala. R, Sridhar. K.