GIS GPS Integrity. A case study on Land Records Kerala

Girish Jain
Business Development Manager
Elcome Technologies Pvt Ltd,

Amit Bansal
Software Engineer
Elcosoft Pvt. Ltd.

The GPS and TPS are the today’s technologies for various “field survey application” like Cartography, Cadastral Mapping, Engineering Survey and Land Management etc. While GIS and CAD systems are serving wide range of users for rest of the Job like processing visualization, management, analysis, and display of geographic knowledge

With the increasing use of both technologies together by various users a requirement was felt for the integration of two to have all GIS functionality in field with GPS or TPS. The idea is to aid surveyors with a tool to visualize, edit, manage and analyze the data and attributes right in the field at the time of data increase efficiency and save time by manifolds. The seamless data flow between GPS/TPS and GIS would also be of great advantage as one need not to think about the different data formats and data structures used by different TPS/GPS or GIS manufacturer.

Many GIS developer provides flexibility to extend and customize GIS software to meet individual’s requirement by using GIS based development libraries and open Interfaces. Here a case of Leica MobileMatriX developed on ESRI’s ArcMap Platform to integrate GIS with GPS/TPS is discussed to explain advantages of GPS GIS integration and status of present Industry and GIS/GPS community towards this goal. Possiblity of further customization of MobileMatriX using a COM language, e.g. Visual Basic, either to the ArcObjects components, Survey Analyst components or the MobileMatriX components is also discussed. A case study on Land Records, Kerala with GIS/TPS/GPS integrated in local language Malyalam is also discussed.